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"Justice begins with each of us. When we seek justice, we must first examine our minds and our hearts.  Justice involves lifting up our shared hopes, history and heritage, respecting one another amidst our great diversity--and tolerance rooted in love. The result always will be greater than the sum of its parts. One of the greatest joys of public service is when this magic happens." 

--Judge Jennifer Brunner


Judge Jennifer Brunner’s campaign for Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court is undertaking a grassroots project, called “Justice for the People”—a project where individuals are asked to send in to Judge Brunner's campaign their thoughts and ideas, and things that reflect their hopes, history and heritage about Ohio.  They can focus on their origins, their county or community or just what Ohio means to them.  Please send us stories, ideas, photos—even small objects or relics—that reflect the way you see Ohio and what you see as unique and special about our state and its history, culture, background and character. 


Volunteer artists—and even Judge Brunner, herself—will participate in putting these special representations of Ohio and its people into a collection of special works of art. Team Brunner captains will help coordinate efforts locally. When we receive these ideas, stories and mementos, volunteer artists will create works of art with them. Our artistic works will be like justice--for the people.


Each completed project will be featured on Judge Brunner’s website.  We’ll hold a statewide exhibition of the works and even bring some to your area.  Team Brunner supporters can vote on and even purchase their favorites at our exhibitions. The committee will when requested cover all or some of artists' costs, and the sale of these Ohio works will benefit the campaign.


Look for our blog as the project is underway. Jennifer's husband, Rick, will blog about what we receive, share with you stories along the way and keep you up to date on our progress.  Especially in these days, it’s good to find ways to bring people together.  That is the kind of justice Jennifer Brunner will be when Ohioans elect her to the Ohio Supreme Court. 


Ohio is a great state and the best is yet to come.  When we honor and raise up our people, we make Ohio better and create great hope for our shared future.  So let’s get started!


All the best,

Jennifer Brunner Committee

To download and print a page about this project, please click here.

Here's an example of what we can do--this weekend project done by Judge Brunner, is called "Ohioana" and it's described below.



"Ohioana," encaustic (wax) collage, created in 2020 by Jennifer Brunner

Ohio Objects:


Are you an artist who wants to be involved? Find out more . . .  Click here.


Would you like to be a local Brunner Team captain and help us collect the stories and items that we can use in our project?  Click here.


Click here to share an idea, a memory or a piece of history you have and tell us how or why it reflects the character of Ohio and feel free to suggest a theme.


Click here for instructions and a form to send us something by mail:  it could be a photo, clipping or small object. (Hint: think about things you might find in your Grandma’s stored stuff.) Maybe it’s a recipe or a newspaper clipping (you can copy it—we don’t need originals), or even a piece of fabric or piece of old wallpaper—a button, a bolt or an old barn nail—use your imagination.  (Ohioans are good at that.) But, please tell us the story of it. We want to know.


Thank you!


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