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WHO WE ARE:  Jennifer Brunner is a Columbus appeals court judge who is running for the state's highest court, the Ohio Supreme Court. 


WHAT WE ARE DOING:  Judge Brunner's campaign has undertaken a grassroots effort, "Justice for the People," to bring Ohioans together by sending to the campaign items and sentiments that reflect their hopes, history and heritage for Ohio. 


WHAT WE WANT ARTISTS TO DO:  Please volunteer to take the objects about Ohio's history and heritage and written words of Ohioans about their hopes, history and heritage and make a themed artistic creation with them.  We know there are expenses in creating art.  We may be able to pay some receipted expenses.  You would release it to us to include it in a statewide exhibition and additional exhibitions we can hold throughout the state of Ohio. We are asking permission to sell your work and ask that you give us a suggested price.  You will be invited to our exhibitions and we would sell your work at one of our exhibitions to benefit Judge Brunner's campaign.  We would list you on our campaign report as an inkind contributor for the amount we sell it for.


INTERESTED? Send us a message here with questions, or sign up here to participate and fill out and email to us this fillable PDF.


Please help spread the word about our project. 


Ohio's future is bright with every small spark of creativity from its many special people.


Paid for by Jennifer Brunner Committee
Gretchen Green, Treasurer
35 N. Fourth St., Ste. 200
Columbus, OH 43215-3614
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