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Thank you for your willingness to financially support Judge Jennifer Brunner's campaign for the Ohio Supreme Court. Checks should be made payable to:

Jennifer Brunner Committee

and may be mailed to:

Jennifer Brunner Committee, 35 N. Fourth St., Ste. 200, Columbus, Ohio 43215, Attn:  Gretchen Green, Treasurer


Pay by credit card or debit card below. Thank you!

Here's the fine print:

Contributions may be accepted by judicial campaigns during the judicial fund raising period which begins 180 days before the primary election and ends 120 days after the general election. Contribution limits in the aggregate over the fund raising period are as follows:

  • $3800 from individuals
  • $7000 from organizations (this includes law firms)
  • $7000 from political action committees

Corporations (excluding limited liability companies, known as LLCs) may not contribute to Judge Brunner's campaign for the Ohio Supreme Court, and this includes non-profit corporations. Members of law firms that are partnerships or LLCs may contribute individually without their contributions counting against the organization's limit. Employees of the Supreme Court may not contribute. Assigned counsel for appeals may contribute, but their status must be noted on the Judge's campaign report if they contribute. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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Paid for by Jennifer Brunner Committee
Gretchen Green, Treasurer
35 N. Fourth St., Ste. 200
Columbus, OH 43215-3614
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