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Judge Jennifer Brunner’s campaign for Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court has undertaken a grassroots project, called “Justice for the People”—a project where individuals are asked to send in to Judge Brunner's campaign their thoughts and ideas, and things that reflect their hopes, history and heritage about Ohio.  They can focus on their origins, their county or community or just what Ohio means to them.  Please send us stories, ideas, photos—even small objects or relics—that reflect the way you see Ohio and what you see as unique and special about our state and its history, culture, background and character. 

You can send us items by mail, such as a photo, clipping or small object. (Hint: think about things you might find in your Grandma’s stored stuff.) Maybe it’s a recipe or a newspaper clipping (you can copy it—we don’t need originals), or even a piece of fabric or piece of old wallpaper—a button, a bolt or an old barn nail—use your imagination.  (Ohioans are good at that.) But, please tell us the story of it. We want to know.

Once you find your object (or even more than one, if you want), send it to us.  You can tell the story of it on this form, or just write it in your own words and include it with the object.  We won't be able to give it back after it's used in an art project, but please know, as a special volunteer, you have contributed to the work of many in helping elect Judge Brunner.

Here's a form you can use to get you started.

To download a page about the project, click here.  Please share this with your family and friends whom you think may want to know about "Justice for the People."

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